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Editorial Services

by K. Aleisha Fetters

Want to work with me? I’m always psyched to spread the fit-living love! Here’s a sampling of the editorial services I offer.


First and foremost, I’m a reporter and writer. It’s my job to learn and inform. That means that I live on the forefront of the wellness movement, every day meeting with scientists, speaking with researchers, and always asking the two most important questions – “why?” and “so what?”

But, more importantly, I know how to turn complicated science into down-to-earth advice that leaves readers both laughing and saying, “yeah, I can totally do this.”


There are a lot of great health experts out there. I should know. I interview dozens of them every week! But not every researcher, strength coach, or nutritionist is a great writer. (That’s OK; my pull-up still needs some work.) That’s why I work with publications, brands, and individuals, editing their editorial work and making sure that their ideas don’t get lost in translation and run-on sentences.


Need a little more than writing and editing? I consult with wellness brands (but only the ones I think are great!) to direct strategy, develop company newsrooms, and establish editorial calendars and guidelines. Collaborating with corporate media teams as well as third-party graphic designers and web developers, I turn outstanding health brands into equally awesome content hubs.

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