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It’s my jammy jam. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, journalist, author, and intersectional feminist, I deeply believe that strength training is transformative. True fitness for women is about thriving—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The strength, self-efficacy, and intentionality developed in the weight room (or even living room!) fosters deep body love, reduced stress, connected relationships, effective emotional regulation, purposeful living, and greater happiness.

You deserve it all, and it starts now.

Let’s Get Moving!
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Books By K. Aleisha Fetters

Sometimes, an article just isn’t enough! Dig into the nitty-gritty for deeper strength.

Give Yourself MORE

In Give Yourself MORE, Aleisha and Georgie Fear, RD, ask the hard questions:

Why, as women, are we constantly seeking LESS? Why do we give so much to everyone around us, while depriving ourselves? And how can we approach our bodies and lives in a way that’s about giving ourselves more of everything we need for our physical, mental, and emotional health?

Fortunately, they also answer them. Give Yourself MORE is a blueprint to redefining fitness for women—on your terms.

Fitness Hacks For Over 50

A squat here, a walk there. It adds up. In Fitness Hacks for Over 50, Aleisha guides you through 300 small changes that add up to improve your quality (and length) of life.

Hacks include everything from easy at-home exercises and family-friendly activities to proprioceptive drills and insider exercise programming tips.

Learn why exercise each is so important for your health, energy, mobility, function, and mood—and exactly how to grow your fitness in them, without all of the fuss.

The Woman's Guide to Strength Training

If you’re just getting started with strength training, this guidebook will help you learn to lift with confidence.

Apart from providing insider tips on how to navigate the weight room, perfect your form, and safely progress exercises, The Woman’s Guide to Strength Training contains 12 weeks worth of killer workouts from Aleisha and Nike trainer Betina Gozo. In this guide to fitness for women, expect step-by-step, in depth exercise instructions, along with photos to illustrate the moves.

Personal Training

With me, women’s fitness is all about science—and the fact that, as a woman, you’re already strong. I’m here to help you own that strength.

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), women’s fitness expert, intersectional feminist, and scientific-journal-contributor, I take a knowledge-first approach to everything I do. My programming and all-over approach to fitness for women focuses on using research-backed methods to tap into your inner badass and empower you to reach your individual health and fitness goals.

Will it involve performing exercises you hate? Nope. Cutting out your favorite foods? Never. Instead, we’ll work together to incorporate strength training, balanced nutrition, and, most importantly, a healthy mindset into your lifestyle—for life.

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Explore all things movement, nutrition, and mindset. Here, you’ll find internationally syndicated health articles, research-heavy deep dives, and practical women’s fitness advice that will help you thrive. Make your brain and body do a little happy dance.