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Personal Training with K. Aleisha Fetters

by K. Aleisha Fetters

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Health and fitness can feel exhausting. Why? Because there’s so much crap on the interwebs… dubiously certified “trainers,” irresponsible, pyramid scheme-style diets, and click-baity articles that demonize pretty much anything and everything you could ever do in life.

Simply trying to navigate through all of the conflicting information is a mental HIIT workout in itself—sapping you of whatever motivation you actually have to live a healthier life.

That ends now.

With me, personal training for women isn’t about the latest fads or reducing you to a quivering pile of sweat.

It’s about learning, embracing innate strengths, and ending each workout feeling better than before.



Online One-on-One Training

Online training is all about efficiency, and is a great way for anyone, anywhere, to work with me.

Through online personal training for women, I create ongoing programs based on your unique goals, how long/often you want to exercise, any health/injury considerations, the equipment that you have available, and more (like, what do you actually enjoy?).

Programs include full exercise descriptions, instructional videos, and progressions, and are delivered through Trainerize so you can track your workouts and progress throughout the program’s duration.

Tiers include grab-and-go plans, online support, and weekly video chats.

Online Group Coaching

Join a community of strong, supportive women. Together, we’ll help each other achieve our goals.

It’ll all go down in a private coaching group on Facebook, where you’ll receive unlimited support from Aleisha; her smartest, most awesome health-expert friends; and personal training with women who understand you.

Expect to learn great strength-training workouts, rehab your relationship with movement, gain confidence, ditch“shoulds,” and grow your body love.

As we tackle these topics, you’ll connect in meaningful ways with other women, build lifelong friendships, and create a ripple effect that will benefit all women, everywhere.

In-Person Training

In Chicago? Let’s work out together!

When I’m in the gym with you, I’m able to really help you master proper technique, push you to your full potential, and set you up for lifelong success.

Everything is customized to your needs and lifestyle, and doesn’t have to just be geared towards personal training for women exclusively. Want to train with a friend, significant other, or small group? We can do that! Prefer an ongoing program or à la carte sessions? Either works!

In-person sessions are available at Educe Institute (409 W. Huron St.), HiFi Fitness (820 N. Orleans St.), and Symmetry Chicago (230 W. Huron St.).

Hybrid (Online + IRL) Training

Ideal for those who want the flexibility (and cost-effectiveness!) of online training, but who don’t want to miss out on the benefits of in-person coaching.

With this option, you’ll get all of the features of my online personal training program designed for women, but with the added perk of training with me in-person as often as you want.

We’ll decide together how to use your in-person sessions in a way that best works for you.

In-person sessions are available at Educe Institute (409 W. Huron St.), HiFi Fitness (820 N. Orleans St.), and Symmetry Chicago (230 W. Huron St.).

I’m proud to be a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), coach specializing in personal training for women, fitness writer, health reporter, intersectional feminist, and knowledge-lover.

I’ve spent more than a decade learning from the world’s leading researchers, exercise physiologists, and dietitians. I live for scientific journals and randomized control trials. (Learn more about me here.) If you don’t have the time or interest in browsing journal articles, that’s totally ok. I’ll undoubtedly share lots of fun facts with you during our time together!

After all, I don’t just tell women what to do; I teach them the why and how of every rep, set, and exercise. True health and fitness is about empowerment, not blindly following the rules, right?

Speaking of which, there are no more rules.

Ready to take the first step toward your goals? I’m so excited to work with you and help you take charge of your health and life! Book a free discovery call here and let’s get to know each other!