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Online Training

by Jordan

online personal training programs with trainerize


Online Training

Online training is all about efficiency, and is a great way for anyone, anywhere, to work with me. Through online training, I create a program based on your unique goals, how long/often you want to exercise, any health/injury considerations, the equipment that you have available, and more (like, what do you actually enjoy?).

As an online personal trainer for women, my programs always include full exercise descriptions, instructional videos, and built-in program progressions, and are delivered through the Trainerize app so that you can track your workouts and progress throughout the program’s duration. Nutrition coaching is also available at no extra charge.


Online Personal Training Programs

Let’s tailor your training to meet your needs. After all, while some people just want a grab-and-go customized program, other people—especially people who are new to exercise or who have struggled to make fitness a long-term habit—can really benefit from more one-on-one coaching. All online personal training programs are ongoing and can continue for as long as you like.

  • Grab-and-Go$180/mo
  • Online Chat$250/mo
  • Video Support$320/mo


Online Chat


Video Support


The best option for people who want to get a hold of an expert, customized online personal training program—and run with it!

We’ll chat through your goals, exercise history, likes and dislikes, injury considerations, equipment availability, and more.

Then, I’ll create an online personal training program just for you. Hosted through the Trainerize app, it will come armed with full workout instructions, exercise descriptions, and how-to videos.

Everything, along with unlimited online chat support from yours truly via the Trainerize app.

Message me any time with questions, concerns, or help troubleshooting any aspect of your training. (You’ll always receive a response within one business day. More often than not, I’ll get back to you within hours or minutes.)

I’ll be there cheering you along the whole way.

Everything, along with weekly 30-minute video chats to dive into your progress and work through anything that’s giving you trouble or is on your mind. Nothing is off limits!

We’ll also discuss exercise principles to help empower you to take charge of your own workouts and health over the long term.

If you aren’t comfortable with video, I’m 100-percent open to voice calls.

Completely Personalized Training
Completely Tailored to Your Unique Needs
Full Exercise Descriptions
Instructional Videos
Customized Progressions
Online Support (Guaranteed Response Within One Business Day)
Weekly 30-Minute Video Chats

Ready to take the first step toward your goals? I’m so excited to work with you and help you take charge of your health and life! Book a free discovery call here and let’s get to know each other!


Online Group Coaching

Join a community of strong, supportive women. Together, we’ll help each other discover and achieve our goals.

It’ll all go down in a private coaching group on Facebook, where you’ll receive unlimited support from Aleisha, your pro personal trainer for women, and other women who understand and care about you.

Expect to learn great strength-training workouts, rehab your relationship with movement, gain confidence in the weight room, ditch“shoulds,” and grow your body love.

As we tackle these topics, you’ll connect in meaningful ways with other women, build lifelong friendships, and create a ripple effect that will benefit all women, everywhere.